Saturday 25 March 2017

Lady Who Went Missing For 3 Weeks In Nasarawa Only To Be Found Living With Her Boyfriend In Kaduna

A 25-year-old lady identified as Suzan Luka, went missing on the 24th of February 2017, after she left her school, Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia, but did not return home.
The development caused severe grief among family and friends. Surprisingly, three weeks later, it was discovered that she had left home to go and be with a man.

Suzan’s family got really worried after they received a call from her on the day she went missing, claiming that on her way back from school, she had met some people smoking weed and when they called to her but she did not answer, they began chasing her.

She told her cousin, whom she was living with, that she was hiding from the thugs in an uncompleted building. By the time her cousin got to the location, Suzan was nowhere to be found so, fearing the worst, they informed the police.

The search for Suzan who was assumed missing spanned across media houses. Flyers were printed and shared, friends were informed and eventually, an acquaintance came forward to tell the police that the missing woman had earlier hinted that she wanted to run from home and go visit her boyfriend since they don’t grant her the freedom at home to go out.

Speaking about the matter, a family source told Linda that at that point, all efforts being made to find the girl ceased. Suzan eventually returned to Nassarawa by herself on Monday, 17th of March, 2017, armed with a convincing story, but before she could let that out, the acquaintance, whose house she stopped by first, asked her to come with her that she wanted to show her something then took her to the police. The 25-year-old was detained for two days during which police questioned her then she was released to the family of her cousins with whom she had been staying.

“Can you believe that? She left our house for three good weeks and went to stay with a man! We found out about this from a friend of hers who went to police and told them that she has been seeing the news everywhere that the girl is missing but she is not really missing. She said she told her before that since they don’t allow her to go out, she’s going to run away and make everybody look for her,” her cousin revealed.

“When she came back, she went to her friend’s house first and the friend deceived her that they were going to see something then she took her to the police station. The policemen detained her for exactly two days. They interrogated her and got a lot of information from her but they didn’t pass the information along to us, so I don’t really know what she told them. She has refused to say anything to us.”

Because of her action, Suzan has now been sent back to her birth parents by the cousins who have housed her for years and taken care of her education. They revealed that they did so because they do not want any such incident to occur again.

“You know she was just like a cousin to us, but because of what she did my people now decided (we’ve had) enough of her. You know she has lived with us all her life. Her parents are still alive, she was just living with us as a cousin because my dad decided let’s take care of her but since she has now grown and she feels this is the way she can pay us back, our family have handed her over to her own parents.”

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