Sunday 26 March 2017

Students React As UNIJOS Raises School Fees From N27,000 To N45,000

Students of the University of Jos (UNIJOS) have reacted strongly against the N45,000 new school fees, and appealed to management to be “more considerate in view of the hard times”.

The institution’s Vice Chancellor, Sabastian Maimako, recently announced the review of the fees, from N27,000 to N45,000, citing dwindling budgetary allocations, rising bills and the need to upgrade some materials.

Mr. Maimako said the figure was endorsed by parents, old students and other stakeholders at a meeting in Jos, where all factors were considered.

But Sydney Daman, President of the institution’s Students Union Government, SUG, who briefed journalists on Friday in Jos, described the new charges as “too harsh”.

“The university attributed the increase to the economic recession, but it is clear that students are worst hit by current realities,” he said.

Mr. Daman appealed to the students to “hold-on a bit”.

“No student should be in a hurry to pay the new fees. We are consulting with management and shall communicate the final agreement to everyone,” he said

He said that the students union had met with management “three times”, where it discussed the fee issue and sought for a figure that was favourable for both parties, but that management eventually did as it wished.

“We have not exhausted all the options; we are still appealing and shall continue to meet all stakeholders,” he said.

Mr. Daman, however, called on students to be “responsible, mature and peaceful” while supporting the struggle for a downward review of the charges.

The students’ leader faulted management’s claim that parents and guardians had accepted the hike at a stakeholders meeting.

“The university has 18,000 students; less than 100 parents/guardians attended the meeting, while SUG officials, who attended the meeting were barred from talking. So, it is not right to claim that there was fair hearing,” he said.


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