Tuesday 23 May 2017

Ariana Grande: Celebrities sympathise with Manchester attack victims

Celebrities have expressed their sympathies to victims affected by the Manchester terror attack, England on Monday night.
DAILY POST reports that 22 people were dead while more than 50 were injured after singer Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England.
Celebrities such as Ellen, Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson, Katy Perry have all sympathized with victims of the incident as they showed support to their colleague Ariana Grande.
@Ellen wrote: “This story is so sad and so scary. Sending all my love to Manchester and to you Ariana Grande.
@TheRock wrote: “Our prayers and strengh to the victims and their families involved in this tragedy in Manchester. Stay strong.@ArianaGrande
@Katy Perry wrote: “Broken hearted for the families tonight. Broken hearted for Ari. Broken hearted for the state of this world.

“My thoughts, prayers and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I’m sending all my love,” Taylor Swift added.

Queen Elizabeth II described the attack suspected to be terrorist attack as an act of barbarity on young children while sending condolences to families that were affected.

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