Saturday 6 May 2017

Story Of How A Nigerian Male Sexual Abuse Survivor Was Abused By Staunch Church Goer

Sexual abuse, especially towards children, may look like it's become rampant in present times because social media highlights this problem, but it has always been around for years as can be seen from the story shared by Okenyi Kenechi who was sexually abused when he was 8.

Now a 28-year-old who has graduated from the university, Kenechi is finally sharing the story of his abuse and it is a very sad one, especially as he never got justice.

In 1997, when Kenechi was in primary 3, a female neighbor would always come to their home in Ugwu Achara, Nsukka, Enugu state, and beg his mother to allow him come and play with her children.

Once there, this mother will lure him into her room and force him to perform oral sex on her then threaten him into silence.
Soon after, he developed infection on his lips and at the hospital, his mother was informed that it was caused by engaging in oral sex. He opened up to his mother then and that was when his travails really began.

The culprit, when she was confronted, denied and accused the boy of cooking up lies against her. Everyone took sides with the woman who was an active member in the church. Church members also defended her and everyone turned against Kenechi and his family. He had to stop going to school for a while and when he resumed, he had to be escorted by his elder brother to avoid getting lynched. His parents were advised to leave everything to God and that was what they did. Everyone else moved on with their lives but Kenechi couldn't get past what had happened and he had to carry that baggage for years.

At some point, he felt suicidal. That was after he had gone for counselling and the counselor asked him if he "enjoyed it". He said he still goes home sometimes and still sees his abuser, who everyone still revers as an innocent woman and a good Christian. He was finally able to move past the abuse after he joined a group consisting of other sexual abuse victims. He disclosed that 90% of those in his group never got justice. Their abusers went free.

Kenechi shared his story to advise parents to also pay attention to their sons as well as their daughters, because males also suffer sexual abuse and mostly have to deal with it alone. He concluded by saying that the society failed him and continues to fail victims of abuse who are children. 

The comments on Kenechi's post have been overwhelming, with a lot of men also coming out to say that they, too, were sexually abused as children but had to remain silent about it.

See screenshots of Kenechi's post below.

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