Tuesday 27 June 2017

"I Will Pour Acid On Marvis If I Set My Eyes On Her" - Efe Nation Enraged After Marvis Promotes Jon Ogah's Song

So the Efe Nation are filled with serious rage after Marvis "slyed" them recently - she is under fire after she reposted fellow fake housemate, Jon Ogah's new track 'Uncle Suru' but didn't do the same for Efe's new song "Somebody".
An ardent follower of the Based on logistics pioneer even went as far as saying she would pour acid on Marvis any day she sets her eyes on her.
Though she has deleted the comment but not before the internet got a hold of it... Comments below:

Efe Nation Against Marvis

Efe Nation Against Marvis1

Efe Nation Against Marvis2

Efe Nation Against Marvis3

Efe Nation Against Marvis4

Efe Nation Against Marvis5
Efe Nation Against Marvis6

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