Sunday 11 June 2017

Man Wanted For Chopping Off Daughter's Finger Over Haircut

Police in Ogun State say they are looking for a man who chopped off his 14-year-old daughter's finger because she failed to cut her hair after he gave her N100 to do so.

A nongovernmental group which reported the case to police said the unnamed child was preparing for her junior secondary school certificate examination when she was attacked by her father, Musa Olayinka.

The incident, which occurred in Ijebu-Ode town, got the attention of the nongovernmental group, Child Protection Network. The group's chairman, Kunle Sanni, told Premium Times the organisation was working with the police to arrest and prosecute the feeing father.

"We met the 14-year-old girl JSS3 student who is supposed to be having her Junior WAEC by now, with one of her left fingers cut off by the father and a lot of marks on her body due to the rope that was used to tie her and the cane mark," he said.

"She is a maternal orphan, we also saw the step-mother but the father is nowhere to be found. She was punished by the father because she refused to cut her hair after receiving N100 for the haircut."

The group said the girl had initially fled to her grandparent's, following her father's earlier threat, but was later returned home after the father agreed to "forgive" her.

The girl was tied and beaten by her father, who later cut off her finger. She was rescued by the local vigilante, who took her to the hospital for treatment while the father fled.

Police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said suspect would be apprehended.

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