Saturday 1 July 2017

If I Were Not Doing Music, This Is What I Would Be Doing - Waje Opens Up

Vocal powerhouse, Waje, in a new interview
with Saturday Beats, has revealed the back
breaking job she did before fame came

According to the Mountain crooner, she used
to sell chin chin with a close friend whom she
owned the chin chin company with, an yes,
the job was back breaking.

In her words:

"I don't like cooking but I love to bake and I
did that for a while with my friend Ijeoma
Uzodima. We used to have this chin chin
company and we used to sell everything in
our stock. I remember that the magistrates in
Onitsha at the time used to order from us and
we used to sell it in a small can for about
N600. We would cut 50kg chin chin for three
days and my back would be paining me. I
probably would have continued with that if I
was not a singer. Ijeoma who is my very good
friend was actually the one who used to push

On how much she was paid for her first
musical performance, Waje said:

The day she was given N300,000, she wanted
to go crazy. Waje said, "When I started my
career, it was someone that drew my
attention that I could make money from
music. I remember the first time I sang in my
school in UNN, I was wearing a red dress and
I sang Whitney Houston's 'I will always love
you.' It was just my voice and there was no
instrumental, the crowd went crazy. I think
after my performance, they gave me about
N500. That was enough for a week in school.

I remember the first time I earned N300,000,
it was from Zain Mobile Telecomms. They had
an end of the year party in Enugu and they
asked me to come and perform. When I got
the money, I went haywire. I am the first in
my family, so the money really helped to
stabilise a few things."

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