Tuesday 18 July 2017

NYSC Member, Nwadike Chioma Shares Testimony After Escaping Ghastly Motor Accident On Her Way To ABJ

A Nigerian woman has taken to Facebook to praise and thank God for sparing her life after she escaped a ghastly motor accident. A serving member of the National Youth Service Corp, Nwadike Chioma has thanked God for sparing her life after a ghastly motor accident along Kogi-Abuja Expressway after the hummer bus she was traveling in collided with a trailer carrying container.

Please join me and thank the Lord for sparing my life and that of others, in the pictures below is an accident I was involved in enroute Kogi-Abuja Expressway. The trailer bearing a container failed break few minutes away from the bridge, our driver noticed it and increased his speed in other to avoid the trailer, but unfortunately the trailer was at a more higher speed, getting to the top of the bridge it rammed into our bus and a smaller car in front...hitting it twice and pushing it towards the edge, I was seated at the front ooo.
The front side of the bus was compressed, I thought i've lost my legs, I pulled and pulled my legs and it came out....i jumped to the back and jumped out through the broken window(how i did that without any assistance still beats me), thank God too the container it was carrying didn't fall on the bus, that would have been it. We were whiskers away from the river, another hit by the trailer would have sent the bus tumbling inside the river but God said no, Mercy said NO, I was saved, unscratched.
I was just crying when I looked at how close we were to death, road safety officials rushed down with some other life savers; they were fully on ground to pack bodies but were surprised that there was not even a single one, 'Corper stop crying and thank God ooo' they said, though still in shock and traumatised I am more amazed how much God loves me, to Him be all the glory forever more in Jesus name. Amen!"

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