Tuesday 12 June 2018

Is Gethin Jones' toe-curling confession the reason behind 2011 Katherine Jenkins split?

They were engaged to be married before their shock split in 2011.

And Gethin Jones' sister has now sparked a bizarre rumour about why the Welsh presenter broke up with classical singer Katherine Jenkins after four years together, revealing he has impossibly high standards.

Speaking on Gethin's Hits Radio show, his sister Mererid revealed her brother's pet peeve was a woman's toes being longer than her big toe, something Katherine, 37, suffers from.

Mererid called into the programme and chatted to Gethin's co-host Dave Vitty about his dating history - much to the hunk's embarrassment.

Dave asked whether Gethin, 40, had 'an image of perfection in his head that he can never really achieve'.

Mererid joked: 'I think so, yes. They have to tick every single box.

'If there’s one tiny thing wrong like the middle toe’s longer than their big toe he goes off on one.'

Feeling a little embarrassed, Gethin said: 'I am starting to feel really uncomfortable with this conversation.'

Katherine is now happily married to artist Andrew Levitas, with whom she shares two young children.

Gethin is thought to be newly-single after splitting from his model girlfriend Katja Zwara.


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