Tuesday 26 June 2018

Nigerian Man & White Guy Clash On Twitter (See How It Ends)

A Nigerian man and a White man have gone viral after they trashed each other's race on Twitter but it ended in a really mature manner.
@TheParacelsus tweeted something about having to use a sunscreen every time you had to go out in the sun, which is something white people can't do without, and @jmemc10 fired back with a tweet hitting back at black people. Then Para fired back again.
At some point, the back and forth began getting heated and felt like racism. People even began taking it personal in the replies. But it soon became obvious that it was just friendly banter, and they ended it on a mature and friendly note.
People have praised them and even suggested media houses bring them on TV to continue the banter.
Read the screenshots below for the entire thread.

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