Monday 4 June 2018

Shock As Two Sewage Staff Die Inside Soak Away Pit In Aba

A tragic incident which took place in Abia State has claimed the precious lives of two sewage staff. Residents of No.176 Azikiwe Road Aba were thrown into grief and confusion, after two sewage staff were reportedly found dead inside a soak away pit in Aba, the commercial nerve of Abia State. 
It was gathered that the two sewage staff identified as Chimamkpa and Orji attached to a popular sewage disposal company in the city, had gone to the building to evacuate solid waste when they met their untimely death.
Though there are different stories on what led to the death of the sewage staff, ranging from sewage disposal chemical they might have inhaled to some superstitious believe of been killed by evil forces, however a resident of the area who simply gave his name as Ndubuisi said that the two men came to work in the building and after they might have finished evacuating the solid waste, one of them came out through the pit’s manhole.

After the  man came out, he decided to assist his colleague to come out by giving him his hand. However as the sewer inside held his colleague’s hand to come out, both of them according to Ndubuisi fell back into the pit and were unable to come out. Before any help could come their way, both men were stone dead.

“The incident happened so sudden, it was like a magic. When the one outside fell back into the soak away pit, people thought he would come out with his colleague.

“But after waiting for a while none of them came out, people around decided to break the cover of the soak away pit only to find the two men dead and police were called in immediately"
he said.
The Nation reported that all efforts made to reach one Mr. Amaobi said to be the manager the sewage disposal company where the two men worked before their death proved abortive, as calls on his mobile phone was answered by a man who said he was not in charge and could not speak on the issue.

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