Friday 1 June 2018

South African Rapper, AKA Accuses His Ex-Girlfriend, Bonang Matheba Of Infidelity And Voodoo

Following his breakup with South African media personality, Bonang Matheba, South African Rapper, AKA has accused her of being a cheat and also a voodoo practitioner.
The rapper took to his Twitter page to disclose that he discovered some voodoo items while trying to unpack some Matheba’s things from his residence.
He Tweeted;
I never thought I would end up feeling so bitter about love.
You think you know someone until you unpack all their shit & find rocks tied up in a plastic bag in your bedroom cupboard.
I’m not talking bath salts …
I’m talking the type of rocks you pull our of a river. What they’re doing wrapped up in my bedroom? I don’t know.
I abandoned my entire family only to get cheated on.
That’s Karma.
The rapper and his ex-girlfriend announced their break-up in late December 2017, after dating for about two years.
The two began dating shortly after AKA ended his relationship with former girlfriend and mother of his child, DJ Zhinle.
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