Tuesday 5 June 2018

Yaya Toure Ready To Play For £1 Per Week, Claims His Agent Dimitri Seluk

The agent of midfielder Yaya Toure, Dimitri Seluk, has given an astonishing interview where he attacks Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and claims his client would play for £1 per week.
The 35-year-old is currently a free agent having been released by City and he gave an explosive interview of his own where he took aim at Guardiola.
Toure told France Football: “I do not know why but I have the impression that he was jealous, he took me for a rival. As if I made him a little shade.
“He was cruel to me.”
Now his agent Seluk has continued the offensive by saying that Toure would practically play for free for a top six Premier League club against Guardiola.

“Yaya has received many offers from different countries, big money offers, but we have decided to devote the next season to Guardiola,” Seluk told sport24 .
“To proving to the Manchester City fans that Yaya is not finished with football. He is full of strength and energy and wants to play in England this season.
“At a time when English clubs are spending huge sums of money on players, I officially declare that Yaya is ready to move to any top-six English club as a free agent with a salary of £1 per week. As long as a success-based bonus system is in place.
“I think a player like Yaya would be good for a club like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham or Liverpool. Yaya is a winner.
“And a top player with leadership qualities could never be a bad addition to a team, especially when he doesn’t require payment.”
And Seluk wasn’t finished there as he then targeted Guardiola personally.
“If my grandmother became manager of Bayern they would still be champions. This is the enviable consistency of Guardiola’s career choices: he arrives at a club with a huge budget and which already wins titles without him,” he continued.
“Once again: Guardiola’s actions towards Pellegrini, who reached the semi-final of the Champions League that year, were horrible. But Guardiola has taken similarly horrible actions on many occasions.
What has Guardiola achieved? In two years he has won as much as Mancini and Pellegrini did. In fact, Pellegrini reached the Champions League semi-final, and Guardiola hasn’t done that yet. Manchester City just renewed his contract for three years.
“I would bet that, in that time, Guardiola will not win the Champions League, no matter how much money he spends, and he loves to spend money. When he spends £200m on the defence alone; when money is no object, then I can only agree with (Mauricio) Pochettino when he says that he likes to win trophies, rather than buying them as Guardiola does.
“You know, Guardiola cannot be called a dog. Because a dog is a good and kind creature, man’s best friend. But Guardiola, by his very nature, is man’s worst enemy,”
“Incidentally, I find it strange, the position FIFA has taken, when the manager has shown off his political biases to billions of people. The principle of football outside politics has always existed. But Guardiola wants to bring politics into football, and this is very dangerous.
“And I believe FIFA should ban the manager for bringing politics into football. If you want to go into politics, go to the Catalan parliament and achieve what you want. No need to sit in Manchester and use sheikhs’ money to make a hero out of yourself. This also shows what a worthless person he is. And his cheap populism.
“Many may say that it is Guardiola’s style, that he plays spectacular football.
“But when you buy up all the best players in the world, this is much easier than, say, it was for Ranieri, whose Leicester side won the Premier League. The papers write a lot about Guardiola, although he as a person is not worthy of this attention. And yet we hear so little about Zidane, who has won the Champions League three times in a row.
“This testifies to the importance of personality. And when people say that Guardiola is the best manager, I must reply: Guardiola is far from winning three consecutive Champions Leagues. And furthermore, I am ready to bet that he never wins it at Manchester City.
“And I don’t think he will ever win the Champions League again.”

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