Friday 13 July 2018

Cheeky Girls Gabriela and Monica reveal secret battle with anorexia at the height of their fame

They rose to fame after appearing on Popstars: The Rivals and went on to release their hit single Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum). 

Yet The Cheeky Girls, made up of twins Gabriela and Monica, have now bravely revealed that during their successful pop reign they battled anxiety, depression and anorexia. 

Talking on Loose Women, the Romanian-born singing duo, both aged, 35, candidly spoke about their eating disorder which took control over the first five years of their career as they worked 24 hour days, had no social life and traveled. 

Monica said: 'During the first five years of our career, we enjoyed success and suddenly we found that our life was totally controlled by the record label. 

'We didn't have free time for ourselves, working 24 hours a day during travelling. Our mum was our Manager, she was trying to look after us, but it was hard as we didn't have a social life, which led to depression. 

'We adapted in the UK very quickly, but when you grow up in your home town, you don’t really have that same system when you drop in another world.'

Yet despite bravely overcoming the eating disorder, the twins still suffer with severe symptoms of anorexia such as memory loss.

Monica added: 'I look back on things and I have a lot of memory loss. We were feeding each other mentally, we never had a problem of weight, but it was due to loss of control.

'We wore baggy clothes, we made everyone believe we were eating. We got competitive with each other, we were hiding it very well.'

They added: 'Once you suffer from this condition, it will always be there, but we are 100% in control, we are in a better place.'  


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