Tuesday 3 July 2018

Holly Willoughby SQUEALS in terror and flees

She has dealt with a fair few unexpected turn of events during her presenting career.

But Holly Willoughby was left terrified when Marcus, a psychic potbelly big, woke up from his sleep to predict the results of the World Cup based on the apples that he eats. 

The TV host, 37, frantically ran off set on Tuesday's episode of This Morning following the unexpected actions of the pig who went on to show off its supernatural powers.

After fleeing, Holly squealed in terror: 'I just moved back so fast I hit my elbow. He’s angry!'

The segment continued to take place with the pig sussing out which apples he went for, with Phil remarking: 'Marcus, the mystic pig, he has never let us down. He is 100% correct so far!' 

The pig finally settled on the the apples which had the England flag of them - predicting their win for their upcoming match against Colombia.

Phil then saw Holly sitting behind a sofa and shouted over: 'What are you doing over there?'

The stunning blonde hilariously replied: 'He was a bit squealy and I didn't want him to go rogue,' before adding: 'Now I will come back over.'

Viewers also noted the comical situation which some tweeting their amusement. 

Despite the funny situation, Holly was once again dressed to perfection in a frilly white blouse which was tucked into a chic polka dot green skirt.


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