Sunday 8 July 2018

“It Shall Not Be Well With Your Mother” – Aremu Afolayan Curses IG User Who Called Him ‘Senseless’

It’s not news that some celebrities actually can’t tolerate when they’re being trolled and so they tend to fire back hard at whoever comes at them but it’s not all that common for us to see these celebs ‘curse’ the mothers of these trolls.

Nollywood actor, Aremu Afolayan has wowed many with his temper on social media after he cursed at a troll who’d called him senseless – he not only cursed the troll but also his mother.

According to the actor, he usually doesn’t respond to trolls but this one in particular seems to have gotten to him to have gone as far as cursing the troll’s mother. 

Aremu wrote on his page,

@gistmyne I have never ever replied no one in my life on platform like this but on this one, AIYE IYA E ONI DA. Morope werey nse werey e. EMI NIWO FE RAN. WON MA RAN IYA E NIBI TI OBA WA. Send me your pics,number and address . @wumitoriola jo ma gbami ooo.

… the language he used is quite strong, so get your Yoruba friends to translate for you if you want …

Many were of the stance that since he usually doesn’t respond to trolls, he ought to have done the same for this one too and ignored the person… well, maybe the word ‘senseless’ really pushes a button for him.

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