Monday 2 July 2018

Mother screamed and shouted for help as stunned bystanders desperately tried to catch her daughter

A mother screamed and shouted for help as her three-year-old daughter was thrown 20ft in the air from an exploding inflatable trampoline yesterday.

The girl, who later died in hospital, was seen rocketing into the air and flying back down after witnesses heard the sound of an 'explosion' in Gorleston, Norfolk.

Families have spoken of their horror as they watched bystanders attempting to catch the girl before paramedics and a lifeguard attempted to her.

The child was visiting the area from Suffolk in the heatwave.

Dozens of floral tributes and teddy bears have been left at the scene today after mourners turned up to pay their respects to the girl and her family. 

Police revealed on Monday the girl was the only person on the trampoline at the time.

But the little girl was thrown into the air when the giant inflatable appeared to explode.

 She had been playing on the trampoline in a section of the beach called Bounce About, which also has an inflatable slide, traditional trampolines and a rodeo ride. 

An eyewitness who returned to the scene described seeing the girl's mother screaming for help after watching her daughter get thrown from the trampoline.

The 91-year-old man, who asked not to be named, said: 'If you put two 6ft people on top of each other she still would have flown way above them.

'She shot way up into the air - easily more than 20ft and landed in the sand. The mother ran up just screaming and crying for help. The people acted together.

'One girl called the police and people were clearing the path. The explosion was like a big gun. I was in the Navy and I can tell you that it was an enormous bang.'

He described the public's response to the incident as 'excellent', adding: 'The lifeguard nearby was great. He straight away left the chair and came across.

'One girl gave her mouth to mouth and pressure CPR. The people were good and stayed back and kept their distance.'

Zoe Dye, 32, was just 20 metres away from the trampoline playing with her 11-year-old daughter Tiffany when the explosion occurred.

She said: 'Literally there were screams from everyone on the beach and it was almost like slow motion.


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