Friday 6 July 2018

Ronan Keating reveals close bond with beautiful daughter Missy, 17

He's the proud father of four children and Ronan Keating enjoyed a bit of quality time with his beautiful daughter Missy on Thursday night.

The singer took his wife, Storm, 36, and Missy to House Festival at Kenwood House, where they seriously let their hair down and showed what a great relationship they have.

While in the car on the way there, Ronan, 40, was filling up Missy's glass with Whispering Angel wine as they sat in the back.

The pretty brunette driving her father mad with her choice of music, with him saying, 'please, please, please,' in a playful fashion to the camera.

The group took pictures of the welcome sign at the front of the event, which read: 'Why the f*** can't I have fun all the time?'

Missy looked festival ready wearing a leopard print mini dress, trainers and socks, with a yellow bag across her shoulder, while fun step-mum Storm wore a floaty white number.

Storm shared a stunning picture of the two of them at the event, writing: 'step daughters' alongside a heart emoji and writing: '#badinfluence.'

They filmed a magician doing a magic trick with Ronan's T-shirt in which he made a hole appear and then disappear.

He said: 'My wife got me this T-shirt, oh s**t,' before being shocked at the trick and Missy and Storm shouting, 'what the f***' in front of Ronan.


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