Tuesday 18 December 2018

Cardi B Tries to Drive and Fails Miserably on Carpool Karaoke

Cardi B loves cars and taking pictures with cars, but it's probably best if she stays away from driving those cars. 

James Corden tried to teach the rapper to drive during his infamous Carpool Karaoke segment on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show, but nothing in the CBS studios parking lot was safe when she was behind the wheel. She ran over flags, a couple cones, and even backed right into a camera, prompting Corden to pretty quickly give up his driving lesson so he and Cardi could go right back to rapping all of her hit songs together. 

They started with "Bodak Yellow," obviously, before delving into some ASMR, yelling (kindly) at fellow cars and kids on playgrounds, and then discussing the age ranges of Cardi's shows. 

She revealed that she "not so long ago" played a barmitzvah where her DJ didn't have the clean versions of her songs, and the kids were loving it. While we were busy wondering what 13 year old got Cardi B to play their barmitzvah, Corden took things in a different direction. If Cardi's used to playing young crowds, what about an older crowd?

That led to the pair hijacking a dance class at a senior center, where all the participants (except for one guy who had to call his repairman) seemed pretty thrilled to dance to "I Like It." One guy was brave enough to ask if she was available to be his significant other, and all she could say was, "Sure." 


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