Saturday 22 December 2018

"I Have S3x With Pastors And Prophets As Part Of Money Ritual" – 28-year-old Lady Reveals

A 28-year-old lady has reportedly confessed to sleeping with pastors and prophets, as part of a ritual to get money, wrecking marriages and churches in process.

The Zimbabwean woman identified as Sithabisile Mathema who was in the habit of falling in love with pastors and prophets so as to wreck their ministries and marriages has been left with egg on her face after she was exposed at a church service.

Popular prophet Signature real name Emmanuel  Gwandida called her out exposing her before the congregation.

” I have fallen in love with more than 50 pastors and they have tasted my thing,” said Mathema.

” I got a charm from a traditional healer in South Africa and I was instructed to sleep with men of the cloth, after that I would make money,”she said.  

The congregants were left in awe after her confession that many churches and marriages had come to an end under her hand. Mathema went on to say that the when the pastor would sleep with her, his marriage or church would start crumbling.

”I can tell you that after I sleep with a pastor his church would start to face challenges leading to it to break up. Morever he would start to have marital problems and in the most cases his marriage would collapse,” she said.

Mathema said that she had been contemplating quitting for some time and was grateful that she had been delivered from the scourge.

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