Thursday 20 December 2018

Police storm TUI plane diverted from Gatwick and grounded for four hours at Stansted

Passengers caught up in the Gatwick chaos became so irate at being stuck on the ground for four hours at Stansted that one allegedly opened the door before another claimed he was a terrorist. 

Travelers claimed it was 'pure hell' on the Tarmac at Stansted after landing at 10.15pm last night, with some shouting at other travellers and being abusive to staff.

A couple of passengers on flight TOM687 took matters into their own hands by trying various methods to get off, before police were called at 1.35pm. However just an hour later everyone was leaving the plane and put in taxis back to Gatwick.

The six-and-a-half hour TUI Airways flight from Cape Verde to London Gatwick was diverted to Stansted due to disruption caused by drones over the Sussex airport. 

Having been stuck on the plane – which landed at about 10.15pm last night – for four hours, a man then allegedly opened the door and put everyone on board at risk.

Another then said he was a terrorist – and video footage showed two Essex Police officers coming on board to defuse the situation. No arrests were made.

One passenger, Lyndsey Clarke, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, tweeted: 'So Gatwick is shut due to drones so our flight TOM687 has been diverted to Stansted.

'So far we've been stuck on our plane for four hours... a man has opened the plane door and put everyone at risk and then another guy says he's a terrorist.

'Living pure hell right now. The staff on flight TOM687 have been amazing but unfortunately they have been subject to so much abuse.


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