Tuesday 18 December 2018

Secrets You Never Knew About Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's Best Rom-Com

Ah, remember the good ole days of dial-up connections and chat rooms?

You've Got Mail, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's 1998 romantic comedy, turns 20 today, and if we'd send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils to celebrate, if only we knew your name and address. 

While it's easy for some to knock the Nora Ephron film for its now outdated technology (RIP AOL) or  maybe being a Sleepless in Seattle quasi-sequel, You've Got Mail is so much more than that, and far outlives the tech is used to help tell the  love story of Joe Fox (Hanks), of Fox Books, and Kathleen Kelly (Ryan), the owner of The Shop Around the Corner. 

It's a love letter to New York. It's a love letter to independent bookstores (and now, somewhat ironically, for the big bad chains that put them out of business). It's also a love letter to love letters.   
Come on, this is the movie that inspired Mindy Kaling to throw a themed dinner party at Christmas, because as any true You've Got Mail fan knows, it totally counts as a Christmas movies. (Never. Enough. Twinkle. Lights.) 

"You've Got Mail is the most soul-mate-y of soul-mate movies," Kaling told Vulture. 

Kaling loves the movie so much she even paid homage to it on The Mindy Project in a pretty big way: "The name of the bar that our characters go to is called Kathleen Kelly's. She was so stylish in that really understated hot Manhattan librarian way."


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