Thursday 20 December 2018

Stephanie Davis POISONS her new Hollyoaks boyfriend Owen Warner

They confirmed their romance at the Hollyoaks Christmas party in Liverpool last week.

But Stephanie Davis' attempts to impress her toyboy boyfriend Owen Warner, 19, with her culinary skills soon turned to disaster after she served him raw chicken on Wednesday. 

The Hollyoaks actress, 25, took to Instagram to document the whole story from sharing snaps of her food preparation to inevitably watching her beau throw up the meal in the toilet. 

After Stephanie headed out to the supermarket, she proudly showed off her meal prep which was a bacon and salami-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with cheese accompanied by mash, sauteed potatoes, spinach and mushrooms. 

However less than an hour after cooking her creation, Owen took to Instagram to say: 'So, Steph cooked us a lovely meal. That looks very nice.

'I'm halfway through mine, then I peel back this and see that the chicken is raw.'

Sharing his sentiments, Steph shared the clip, captioning it: 'I cannot believe it... I cannot actually believe it! I cooked it for ages!!!! I've threw up. I tried.'

The Celebrity Big Brother later shared a video of her with her head in her hands in despair as she told her followers: 'I called my mum... It's because I had the oven on too low.

'I've been sick. It took me absolutely ages to cook that. Owen's been sick now. I told him to. I tried though.'

 Keeping her fans updated, she shared a snap of Owen huddled over the toilet as well as a message from her mum telling her the chicken looked 'raw as hell' with Stephanie replying they had eaten most of uncooked meat. 


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