Friday 4 January 2019

Cheryl is left red-faced

They led the army of WAGS during the 2006 World Cup, after forming a close friendship. 

But Cheryl was left mortified after Victoria Beckham fell for Michael McIntyre's Send To All prank during his Big Show, which will air on Saturday. 

The singer, 35, was made to watch from the send to all box as the comedian, 42, sent out a plea to all her contacts to pose naked for her in a life drawing class.

The text read: 'Hi babe! I’m getting private art lessons and my homework this week is life drawing. Would you come round and pose naked for me?’

The former Girls Aloud member was left red-faced after Posh, 44, failed to cotton on to Michael's signature prank, with her simply responding: 'Pardon?'  

Reading out her reply, Michael exclaimed: 'It’s one word and a question mark!' 

While Victoria was left confused, some of Cheryl's other pals realised Michael's signature Send To All style with Piers Morgan replying:
'I thought you'd never ask', while Geri Horner told her: 'I don't mind you drawing my bottom.'  

Unexpectedly, it was Cheryl's dad who replied first from Newcastle, as he told his daughter: ‘It’s cold up here. I’ll only need a grape!' - in response to Michael's ‘If you’d rather we can position fruit and stuff in front of your naughty bits'.

The hilarious clip comes after Cheryl urged ‘haters’ to focus on enjoying the performances in The Greatest Dancer rather than being critical, as they're not trying to ‘revolutionise the world’.

Cheryl was speaking at the programme launch for the show when she made the comments.


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