Thursday 17 January 2019

Jake Gyllenhaal Calls Out Stephen Colbert for Naming Maggie the "Better Gyllenhaal"

Stephen Colbert may have just started a Gyllenhaal family feud.

Jake Gyllenhaal called out the late-night host on Wednesday's episode of The Late Show for dubbing Maggie Gyllenhaal "the better Gyllenhaal" back in 2017. 

"No, that's cool," he said after replaying Colbert's comment from his sister's guest appearance. "It's just something you don't say on national TV."

However, Stephen tried to plead his case.

"I was trying to make her feel good," he argued, later adding: "Obviously, don't broadcast this, but you're our favorite Gyllenhaal. You always were, but I wanted her to feel good."

The Brokeback Mountain star insisted he and his older sibling are "close" and that there's no rivalry.

"Not until now," Stephen joked. "You're welcome. If I can drive a wedge into a family, well, then my work is done here." 

"No, I appreciate it," Jake replied. "She's my favorite sibling, too."

In addition to arguing over who's the better Gyllenhaal, the two discussed the star's new movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Jake plays Mysterio in the film, and it hits theaters this July. He's also set to star in the new movie Velvet Buzzsaw.


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