Friday 11 January 2019

Jeremy Hunt warns Tory Eurosceptics that Parliament will NOT allow the UK to crash out of the EU

Jeremy Hunt warned MPs that killing off Theresa May's Brexit deal could well mean no Brexit today as ministers brace to be 'smashed' in a Commons showdown next week.

The Foreign Secretary insisted the developments in Parliament over the past few days had shown it could block the UK from crashing out without an agreement. 

Accusing Speaker John Bercow of a campaign to 'frustrate' the government, Mr Hunt said there was now a 'possibility in sight' of the country not leaving the EU at all.  

But he warned that failing to deliver Brexit in the wake of the 2016 referendum would be a 'fundamental breach of trust' with the public.  

The PM has been making increasingly desperate efforts to turn the tide of opinion on her plan - including reaching out to Labour MPs and union leaders.

However, senior figures concede that defeat is looking inevitable, with estimates suggesting it could be the biggest ever. 

Mr Hunt conceded the Parliamentary arithmetic was 'challenging', and said Speaker John Bercow was clearly trying to 'frustrate the government at every opportunity'. 

'What is important is for MPs on all sides, Brexiters and Remainers, whatever our disagreements, to say 'We are democrats and the most important thing now is to make sure that we really do deliver Brexit',' he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Mr Hunt said Mr Bercow had shown that he was 'willing to frustrate the Government at every opportunity', and it was not possible for the minority Tory administration to control what happened in Parliament.

'I think it's now looking much less likely that Parliament would allow a no-deal outcome anyway,' he said. 'We have seen from this week that Parliament has the ability to assert itself and to shape outcomes.

'I think Parliament is very committed to try to stop no-deal, but I think we have to recognise that there is a deal on the table, it does broadly deliver the Brexit people voted for, and if we don't find a way to get this through, we are taking some very big risks.

'Brexit paralysis potentially leading to no Brexit is something I think would be incredibly damaging for the long-term future of this country.' 


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