Monday 14 January 2019

May warns MPs that killing off her Brexit deal would be the 'height of recklessness' in desperate last-ditch plea

Theresa May launched a desperate last-ditch bid save her Brexit deal today - warning that voting it down would be the 'height of recklessness' and might mean staying in the EU.

The Prime Minister pleaded with Tory Eurosceptics to look at the mounting revolt by Remainers, and realise that Parliament is ready to block the country from crashing out.

In a speech just 36 hours before the titanic Commons showdown, Mrs May said it was clear some politicians would use 'every device' to stop Brexit happening.

Underlining the dangers of the crisis wracking Westminster, she urged MPs to consider the 'consequences' of their actions for people's faith in democracy.

Mrs May also pointed to a letter from EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and council president Donald Tusk published today, which insists the Irish border backstop - the most controversial part of the Brexit deal - will only be 'temporary'. 

'We have secured valuable new clarifications and assurances,' Mrs May said, while admitting that the commitment 'did not go as far' as some MPs wanted.  

The desperate entreaty came as tensions escalate in Westminster ahead of the vote on the Brexit package she has thrashed out with Brussels.

Mrs May looks to be on track for a catastrophic defeat - with frantic manoeuvring under way over what happens next. 


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