Saturday 5 January 2019

Pastor Adeboye Reveals The Sad Thing That Will Happen To Anyone Who Wears Indecent Dress To Camp

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has ordered security guards to arrest anyone found indecently dressed at the Redemption Camp, according to Nigerian Tribune.
The new order came on Saturday morning during the annual Ministers’ Thanksgiving at the 3×3 Auditorium at Shimawa, Ogun State.
Pastor Adeboye said that since the Redemption Camp harbours the auditorium, a holy place of worship, the entire Redemption City is as holy as the auditorium.
He also warned that any parent who comes to bail their arrested wards will be arrested, too, adding that anyone who wants to destroy the camp will be dealt with.
“The entire camp is a church and everything at the Redemption Camp revolves around the auditorium. 

“The way you can’t dress to the church, don’t dress so in the camp. If you are caught indecently dressed in the camp, you’ll be arrested.

“Parents should warn their children because if you dress indecently in the camp, they’ll be arrested.

“And when their parents come to bail them, they’ll be arrested, too. This is holy ground. Why? Because God is always walking in the midst of His people.

“As far as I’m still around, anyone who wants to destroy this camp will be dealt with,” Adeboye warned.
The septuagenarian also warned members of the church against peddling fake news, especially about the mission.
He advised those who peddled the untrue rumour that RCCG received some money from the Federal Government to report to him immediately or face the music.
He also warned those who also shared the fake news to send letters of apology to him because, according to him, they had sinned against the Holy Spirit or else they’ll face the same consequences as the originator of the fake news.

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