Saturday 19 January 2019

Sarri: Chelsea Cannot Afford To Rest Jorginho

Maurizio Sarri has revealed that the Blues cannot afford to rest Jorginho, despite his perceived fatigue, due to the sale of Fabregas.
The Italy international midfielder has started all but one of Chelsea’s Premier League game, he has featured in 25 games this season in all competitions.
Sarri insists Chelsea is not ready for the tactical change that will involve two midfielders, as he tries to sign Paredes as back up to Jorginho.
“We are not ready to change at the moment,” Sarri said.
“I can change when we are at 100 per cent in what I want to see.
If [using] a 4-3-3 we are at the top, we can try to change.
But not at the moment.

“It’s very difficult to say a percentage but, in England, it’s very difficult to arrive at the top because this one was the first week without three matches since August.
“So, for the first time in the last four months, we had time to try to improve. So it’s not easy in this situation to improve a lot in such little time.
“Jorginho has played with me for four seasons. It’s very difficult for him to improve more. He played very well for 20 matches, I think.
“Now, maybe, in the last two matches he was a little bit tired. He moved the ball a little bit slowly than before. But I think that it’s normal.
“You cannot stay at the top for 60 matches, so it’s normal to have a different period, a period when you are not so lucid as usual. But it’s not a big problem. Of course, it’s the reason I said we needed a replacement for Cesc.”

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