Saturday, 30 March 2019

Amanda Holden, 48, swaps her BGT stylist in a bid to change her controversy-sparking looks

Amanda Holden has revealed she has 'changed things up' when it comes to her wardrobe and hired a new stylist.

The TV star's sartorial choices on Britain's Got Talent are often a talking point among fans of the series.

Amanda's wardrobe has led to some controversial moments in the past after a daring Julien Macdonald gown she wore during the semi-final of BGT two years ago attracted a staggering 663 Ofcom complaints.

Amanda's former stylist was Angie Smith while Karl Willett will now be helping her out with her wardrobe.   

The TV star has promised her new look will be 'uber glam' and she's grateful to work for a show like Britain's Got Talent that let her make daring outfit choices. 

She said: 'It’s that time of the year I really get to dress up, and what girl doesn’t love to do that?! 

'I’ve changed things up this year and I’ve got a brand new stylist who is amazing. I’ve taken so many risks with my outfits so watch this space! 

'It’s going to be uber glam and lots of couture, nothing off the peg!'

Brushing off the criticism she has received for her outfits in the past, Amanda insisted she's never going to please everyone.  

She said: 'I’m aware not many TV shows would allow me to have so much fun with my wardrobe so I make the most of it! 

'I can’t please everyone, there will always be different opinions on social media, but I love getting dressed up. 

'Simon has always said as long as the show is being talked about then it’s good, so each year has just evolved naturally.'


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