Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Story Of Woman Losing 5 Kids In A Collapsed Building Is False

We all heard the breaking news today of a building in Ita Faaji where the unfortunate incident happen where a 3-storey building collapse. According to the information being made to, this is as a result of a digging within the area. We are meant to understand that there is a digging going on maybe from the Local Government or from a private individual, we can't verify that but it seems the digging affected the foundation of this building.

It is however shocking and sick to see headlines that a woman lost her 5 children, this is a lie from the pit of hell. AutoReportNG is currently at Onikan Health Centre as at press time and we are yet to hear any of this story.

2. Rescue is still on-going at the site of the building, this is done with the efforts of the Lagos State Emergency and the Area Boys within this area... kudos must be given to these guys, they took up the challenge when the government workers are running back.

3. As at 2pm, more bodies are rescued from the site of the accident, according to our live source, 3 more children are brought out alive!

So, where is the confirmation of a woman loosing her 5 children? Where is the proof and also, where is the woman?

In as much as today is a black Wednesday for Lagos and for Nigeria because we have lost our bundles of joy, it will be neccessary to verfiy all stories before we jumped at it in order to make a new. Even if the story is confirmed, is it a thing of joy?

Please, let's beware of fakes news.

It's 4.33pm and the ambulance services are still bringing in some rescued children.

God bless Nigeria.

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