Monday, 1 April 2019

All the Times Pink Shut Down Her Haters

Pink's clapbacks are just like fire. 

The Grammy-winning star is no stranger to social media criticism and her fans are no strangers to her epic comebacks. 

Not one to mince words, the candid songstress has clapped back at virtually every kind of criticism, from comments about her looks to backlash over her parenting. 

Through it all, the artist has not been one to bite her tongue. 

The latest example came over the weekend when Pink fired back at trolls who took issue with a photo she posted while on vacation accidentally featuring her son without bottoms.

"There's something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Going off about my baby's penis? About circumcision??? Are you for real? As any normal mother at the beach, I didn't even notice he took off his swim diaper," she explained.
"I deleted it because you're all f--king disgusting. And now I'm turning off my comments and shaking my head at the state of social media and keyboard warriors,

And the negativity that you bring to other people's lives. There is something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Smfh. Here's a picture of the pelican we obviously caught and abused for hours before dangling baby penis in its face."

As fans well know, we can always count on Pink to shut down all the unnecessary social media shade—with an entertaining splash of biting humor. Revisit more of her epic clapbacks in E!'s gallery 

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