Friday, 5 April 2019

Game of Thrones

The time has almost come, friends.

Game of Thrones' return is still a couple of Sundays away, but that only means we've got less than two Sundays to prepare for the final season and the many mysteries it will solve, the many questions it will answer. 

Or hopefully answer. 

With only six episodes (even if most of them are extra long), there might not be time to answer every single one of our questions, but at the very least, the major fan theories about the show will either be proven correct or proven very, very wrong.

Some of the theories are insane and more fun than possible, and some feel like they just might be heading in the right direction based on everything we've seen so far. 

So let's break a few of them down, shall we?

Who Is the Prince That Was Promised?

This one is a prophecy, but it's a pretty big deal, as it's the idea that one of the show's characters will turn out to be sort of a reincarnated version of the legendary figure Azor Ahai, who ended the last long night and defeated the white walkers the first time around. 

To do that, he had to plunge his sword into his wife's heart, giving the sword her soul, and so it's likely whoever is the reborn version of him will also have to make some major sacrifices. 

Azor Ahai is from the books and hasn't been mentioned on the show, but the two prophecies are presumed to be related.


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