Monday, 1 April 2019

Holly Willoughby is left in tears after a car CRASHES

Holly Willoughby was left in tears and utterly shell-shocked on Monday's This Morning, after she was the victim of a very realistic April Fool's prank.

It came after a makeover segment appeared to go disastrously wrong, as a woman called Carol, (an actress) said she hated her new look which had been put together for her school reunion and asked not to be filmed. 

Things then went from bad to worse as Carol tried to leave the set in a car, before it dramatically crashed into a wall, with Phil then turning to Holly to say: 'April Fool's.'

As the segment started, the makeover seemed like any other the show had done before, as Carol was brought in along with her husband Pete to get a new look for her school reunion.

Unbeknown to Holly the pair were actors, and the host was utterly clueless as Carol appeared on-screen to see her new look for the first time.

Sporting a crushed velvet pink dress with cowboy boots, oversized blonde hair and heavily applied makeup, her reaction was far from joyous as she stood in front of the mirror.  

Turning to Phil and Holly on the brink of tears she said: 'Can we stop filming?’

Ever the pro Holly stepped in and suggested they head back downstairs to try on something else, as Carol admitted: 'It’s a bit of a shock.'

But Phil then added: 'We've got flowers and a plush day out in London. We’ve booked a table at The Ivy and drinks on the London Eye. 

'If you go downstairs you can get into a car we’ve got you.'


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