Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Ulrika Jonsson reveals she's SPLIT from third husband Brian Monet after 11 years of marriage

Ulrika Jonsson has revealed she has split from her third husband Brian Monet after counselling was unable to save their 11-year marriage.

The 51-year-old former weather girl told Best magazine: 'You can only resolve problems with another person. If I'm honest, getting another divorce aged 51 is not where I thought I would be, so who knows?

'I just don't know what shape my future will take. 

I can't contemplate dating again. Then again, I've said I will never marry again before, and I did. 

I've been content being out of the limelight. I haven't craved it but, that said, I do need to live.'

Ulrika has said that she has taken to Instagramming to take her mind off things and even posted a shot a couple of months ago, in which she looked very down.

She wrote: 'It's been quite the couple of days.' 

And last August, she wrote on social media: 'Yesterday was a tough day. Dealing with a lot of things. And yes, I know there are always people worse off. 

'But that’s not how it works. Please don’t feel obliged to leave kind comments - I’m not fishing for sympathy. You’re a kind lot, I know. #copingnotcoping #mentalhealth #keepingbusytoday.' 


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