Monday 13 May 2019

Hollywood mourns one of its greatest stars - wholesome screen icon Doris Day dies of pneumonia aged 97

Hollywood legend Doris Day has died at the age of 97. 

Her death was announced by her charity, the Doris Day Animal Foundation, on Monday. 

The foundation said in an emailed statement that she was surrounded by close friends and 'had been in excellent physical health for her age, until recently contracting a serious case of pneumonia.' 

She died at home in Carmel Valley, California.  

The charity also revealed that 'her wishes were that she have no funeral or memorial service and no grave marker. 

Instead, they want fans to visit the charity she founded to save animals.   

Day shot to fame in the 1940s and 50s as one of a handful of iconic screen sirens in films including Pillow Talk, Love Me or Leave Me and The Man Who Knew Too Much. 

Between 1948 and 1969, she appeared in an astonishing 39 films.  

She was married four times but only had one child, Terry Melcher, who died in 2004 after battling melanoma. She is survived by her grandson, Ryan Melcher. 

As well as starring in some of the most iconic Hollywood films of all time, Day was a Grammy-winning singer and started her career aged 15 in Les Brown's band. 

Her songs Sentimental Journey, Secret Love and Que Sera Sera have all been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. 

Day, unlike her contemporary rival Marilyn Monroe, embodied a wholesome, goodie two-shoes presence that America fell in love with. 


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