Friday, 31 May 2019

Man Cuts Off His Wife's Head After Accusing Her Of Cheating, Reports Himself To Police

A husband walked into a police station and confessed to chopping his 'cheating' wife's head off - before showing off the gruesome remains, Dailymail has revealed.
Officers at Patharpratima police station in West Bengal, India, thought Abhijit Das had mental health problems when he made the shocking claim and did not believe him.
But when Das, who is in his 30s, was asked why he wanted to see the inspector, Das 'calmly' said he wanted to hand himself in for beheading his wife.
He then pulled her head out of his bag and the duty officer went to get the inspector.
Das told police he decapitated her after tying her hands and legs and officers found the rest of her bloody remains at his home on Monday.
A postmortem will take place in the coming days.  
The couple, who have a three-year-old daughter, had revealed no obvious signs of problems, sources told the Millennium Post.
Reports first suggested Das's in-laws had demanded money from the pair but it later emerged he killed her over an alleged affair.
Police spokesman Tathagata Basu told the Times Of India: 'We have interrogated him and he confessed to having killed his wife.

'He suspected that Amba was having an illicit relationship with a neighbour. He had a fight with his wife on Sunday night.'
Abhijit was charged with murder and an investigation continues.

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