Thursday 9 May 2019

Ulrika Jonsson gets emotional as she talks about her divorce from third husband Brian Monet

Ulrika Jonsson got emotional as she spoke about her divorce from third husband Brian Monet on Thursday's episode of Loose Women.

The former weather girl, 51, revealed in April that she had split from the businessman after counselling was unable to save their 11-year marriage.

And Ulrika got emotional as she spoke about their separation, revealing that she has stepped away from her work to focus on her four children.  

Talking about how she feels about her third divorce, she said: 'A bit emotional actually now… all of last year was incredibly tough.

'Every minute of every day, genuinely for me. It was kind of harder [that the news wasn’t public] because you are putting on a front of going, "everything is fine!" but it’s not.' 

Asked about when cracks started to show in their 11-year marriage, she added: 'I just think probably the last couple of years. 

'I have tried to go through all that, us women are quite good at being introspective and analysing too much. There is always that one thing that tips you over the edge.'

She added: 'I think there is just a moment when you realise you can’t do it on your own. I really believe in [couples] counselling, psychotherapy is amazing. I have gone on my own [to therapy]. 

'I felt like I was dealing with things on my own a lot of the time and found it really hard to cope, you are trying to keep things even in front of the children but it’s just not possible. It’s just not going to happen, especially when they are older. 

'They are emotionally mature, my girls, and they [pick up when you are sad] more so than you think.' 

Ulrika and Brian, who is believed to be 50, tied the knot in 2008 and share one son, Malcolm, 10, they began their relationship in 2006.


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