Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Denise Lewis, 46, reflects on 'challenging' life as an older mum after welcoming her 'surprise' son Troy.

Denise Lewis has admitted it was 'a challenge' adjusting to life as an older mum, after she welcomed her son Troy at the age of 46.

The former Olympic heptathlon star revealed her fourth child came as a 'surprise,' after previously thinking she had already started the menopause.

Denise welcomed Troy in December with husband of 12 years Steve Finan O'Connor and the adorable tot made his TV debut alongside his mum on Tuesday's Lorraine.

With Troy happily perched on her lap, Denise told Lorraine Kelly: 'He was a huge surprise having had three children we thought we were past going for another.

'I thought I was entering menopause and lo and behold there he was!'

The athletics pundit went onto admit her pregnancy and labour were 'difficult', and she came close to having her son via. an emergency cesarean.

'I was a bit concerned about being older and any complications, and my mum was really worried about whether my body could go through, it is a traumatic experience,' she said.

'The labour was very challenging, my contractions were almost disappearing, they'd start and then there was nothing, and that made the health professionals get quite anxious. 

The heptathlon star continued: 'Every time I had a contraction his heart rate was dropping. At one stage I thought I was going to have an emergency c section but I just wanted to get him out safely.

'I think the mental approach to giving birth is you do have to visualise and trust and be confident and the people around you, like your athletic team.'


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