Sunday, 30 June 2019

Is Naira Marley’s New Song & Dance; “Soapy” Truly Encouraging Masturbation? Should They Be Banned?

Since Naira Marley released his new song, “Soapy” and introduced a new dance style he also titles “Soapy,” to accompany it, it has generated a lot of mixed reactions from music fans as many feel he is promoting masturbation and encouraging people to engage in condmnable activities and that they want the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to ban it.

On the other hand, some others feel there is nothing wrong with the dance and the song as they are just for everyone to catch some fun and as such should not be banned.

The debate has been-on on social media since the dance and the song were unveiled and it continues to draw-in different reactions.

However, in order to have you air your opinion on the dance as it is the most talked about, we would like to know what you feel about it.

Do you think it truly encourages masturbation and should be banned or it’s just another dance style like every other and should be allowed to thrive?

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