Monday, 10 June 2019

Killing Eve costume designer praises Jodie Comer for being 'a normal, healthy size 10'

Killing Eve's costume designer has praised actress Jodie Comer for being 'normal and healthy' as a size 10.

Charlotte Mitchell spoke on Lorraine on Monday morning where she recounted how she worked on the costumes for the new second season and how she created the look for Jodie's character Villanelle - the murderous hitwoman on the run from MI6.

She said: 'She’s fantastic, she’s 5 ft 8, she’s all in proportion and she’s a size 10, she’s a normal size, she’s wonderful, she’s healthy!

Having been given them at the hospital, she found herself on the run in them, before eventually stowing away in a family's car from Calais to England.

Viewers went wild for the look, demanding to know where they could get a pair for themselves and remarking how Jodie managed to make them look so good.

Jodie, 25, recently revealed to Glamour that she lost interest in acting as a teen because of her unhealthy obsession with her looks.

Jodie made her TV debut at 15 with roles in The Royal and Holby City, but she admits that just a couple of years later she became 'so insecure about my body. I had a really unhealthy obsession with being thin.' 


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