Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The President, his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka are welcomed in Downing Street by Theresa May

Donald Trump and Melania are in Downing Street with Theresa May and her husband Philip after the President urged the outgoing Prime Minister to 'stick around' and do a 'substantial' post-Brexit trade deal.

The President, who has criticised Mrs May for not pursuing No Deal or taking his advice to sue the EU, hinted that negotiations between the two nations could be close to completion within a 'few weeks'.

Addressing her at a breakfast meeting at St James' Palace this morning the leader of the free world said: 'I don't know exactly what your timing is but stick around, let's do this deal, ok?'. 

The PM will quit as Tory leader on Friday after being forced out by her own party for failing to deliver Brexit with Mr Trump's 'good friend' Boris Johnson, who he said would do a 'good job', favourite to take over ahead of Michael Gove, who will meet the President later today.

Despite the tensions between the pair in recent years, Mr Trump added: 'I very much appreciate the relationship we have had. It's been outstanding and I guess some people know that and some people don't but you and I know it's been a really very good relationship'. 

Hinting that trade talks are going well for when Britain quits the EU Mr Trump said: 'I think there is an opportunity to greatly enlarge that especially in light of what is happening [Brexit]. Make it much bigger. So we're going to be working on that today, maybe tomorrow and the next few weeks but I think we're going to have a very substantial trade deal'.

He added: 'It'll be a fair deal. This is something our folks want to do, your folks want to do and what we want to do and we're going to get it done'. 

The President will visit Downing Street later as his three-day trip became political having also already made his views clear on Brexit and the Conservative leadership battle as he crossed the Atlantic.  

After Mr Trump and his wife Melania spent the night at the US Ambassador's Regent's Park mansion Winfield House following last night's Buckingham Palace state banquet, the couple this morning boarded his Marine One helicopter and headed for Westminster.

When asked about his trip so far the President replied: 'I very much appreciate the relationship we've had - it's very outstanding'. 

Up to 250,000 anti-Trump protesters will be out in force today after organising a 'carnival of resistance' including a speech from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who snubbed last night's state banquet. There will then be a march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square this afternoon.


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