Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Footballer Daniel Sturridge is reunited with his £30,000 dog

Daniel Sturridge was today reunited with his £30,000 Pomeranian dog today after it was kidnapped from his £1.5m Los Angeles mansion. 

Earlier today, officers pulled up at the Premier League star's West Hollywood mansion to take DNA prints from his back door, which was smashed to pieces by thieves. 

The former Liverpool striker, 29, was left distraught after his Pomeranian Lucky Lucci was snatched and his home ransacked, and took to Instagram today to launch another appeal for the dog to be returned for a £30,000 reward. 

'If anyone has any information please contact us ASAP,' he wrote. 'A sizeable reward will be organized. We just want the dog back. Send a video of him and we can talk. Dog was stolen from West Hollywood at 11:30 last night.' 

But it emerged today that the dog has now been returned after a deal brokered on social media. LAPD do not believe the person who returned it was associated with the crime.

Earlier a rapper called Killa Fame posted photos of a young boy believed to be his relative holding a dog which had the same markings as Sturridge's. He later tweeted the footballer saying, 'Man I got him'. 

In a video he posted, the boy can be seen holding the pet as a man off camera says, 'Mr, I found your dog. Here it is right here Mr Sturridge, I got the dog right here.You need your dog, I got the dog right now. Here you go, look.' 

It is unclear whether the rapper was involved in the dog's return or whether any money changed hands. 


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