Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Sir Alex Ferguson described him as a 's***bag' and Jose Mourinho lost all trust

When Sir Alex Ferguson opened things up to questions from the floor after giving a motivational talk to the Sale Sharks rugby team back in 2017, their enormous prop Brian Mujati didn't pull any punches.

'Why was no one able to acknowledge the undeniable talent that is Paul Pogba?' asked Mujati, referring to Manchester United's decision to allow the 19-year-old Frenchman to leave for Juventus on Ferguson's watch in 2012.

Fergie, sharp as a tack, fired back before the final syllables had even left Mujati's lips. 'Paul Pogba? He just had a bad agent. A s***bag.' Laughter all round.

Ferguson's disdain towards the agent in question, Mino Raiola, is well known. But the fact a clip of his 's***bag' remark has once again surfaced on Twitter reflects the reality that Raiola looks set to dominate yet another United off-season.

The man Zlatan Ibrahimovic once described as 'like one of the guys in The Sopranos' will once again revel in pulling all the strings that influence United's dealings in the transfer market this summer.

After Pogba used a promotional event in Tokyo with his sponsor adidas last month to suggest now would be 'a good time to have a new challenge somewhere else,' a United source described it as a 'typical Mino Raiola move.'

Thus the starting pistol was fired on a summer transfer saga that will probably again end up with Pogba and Raiola joking about in a swimming pool after clinching a £150million move to Real Madrid.

That was the Instagram post by Pogba, captioned 'we say it all by saying nothing at all', as they holidayed together in Miami ahead of his return to United in 2016.


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