Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder says transfer-listed players refusing to leave is annoying him 'immensely'

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has told the players not in his plans to 'go and get a club'.

Wilder has grown increasingly frustrated with some member of his squad over their reluctance to pursue moves elsewhere.

A number of players, including Leon Clarke and Samir Carruthers, who were away from the club on loan last season, have made little effort to agree permanent or temporary deals away from Bramall Lane.

The Blades, who began life in the Premier League on Saturday with a 1-1 draw at Bournemouth, can take advantage of the transfer window still being open for clubs below the Championship until September 2.

Should they not leave the club, Wilder feels their reason for being at Bramall Lane must be questioned.

He said: 'It depends if they want to go and play football.

'The lads have got to decide what they want to do. I'd rather be a footballer. I'm not saying they should walk away with nothing, but I'd rather be a footballer and get on with it.

'It's up to them. I know, if I was a couple of them, that I'd have been at a new club already.

'I won't name names, but they should maybe think about their careers, rather than sticking something in their back pockets.

'It annoys me immensely, because I've looked after a couple of them.

'Go and get a club. It should have happened a long time ago.'  


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