Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Arsenal would be selling their soul with Mourinho move

The highly divisive former Chelsea and Manchester United boss has been mentioned as one of the candidates to take over from the beleaguered Unai Emery
It couldn’t happen, could it?

After all the spats over the years, the not so sly digs and the personal attacks on Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho is suddenly being linked with a move to Arsenal.

The self-anointed Special One is said to be interested in taking charge of the Gunners should Unai Emery lose his job and, what is perhaps even more surprising, there appears to be a large number of Arsenal fans who are ready to welcome him with open arms.

The man who once called Wenger a voyeur and a specialist in failure, the man who just two years ago sat in his post-match press conference after Manchester United had lost 2-0 at the Emirates and said this: “The Arsenal fans, they are happy. I’m happy for them. It’s the first time I leave Highbury or the Emirates and they are happy. It’s the first time!

“I left Highbury, they were crying. I left Emirates, they were crying. They were walking the street with their head low. So finally today they sing, they wave their scarves. It’s nice for them.”

Back then, Mourinho was very much the enemy. Now, some supporters see him as the saviour.

Perhaps it is more a sign of just how disillusioned many are over Emery than anything else, but there is certainly considerable support on social media for the Portuguese coach to step in.

Whether that support would manifest itself to those who actually go to the Emirates each week we will possibly never know, but it is surprising nonetheless.

The fact is Arsenal need a new coach. Emery may well still be in the job, but it is increasingly clear that the Spaniard is not the man to take the club forward and get them back competing among Europe’s elite.

Emery has been in his role for 18 months now and there has been no real improvement. In fact, he has actually made the team worse in certain areas. Results are currently dreadful and the performances are just as bad.


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