Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Sporty 28-year-old who caught the virus in London says it left him gasping for breath, convulsing in bed, and unable to move as he warns everyone to stay inside

A sporty 28-year-old coronavirus patient has described how the 'cruel' disease almost killed him within days of him first feeling sick. 

Micheal Prendergast, from Kerry in Ireland, described having an acute shortness of breath, a sky-high temperature and convulsions which wracked his body as it tried to fight off the disease.

After being placed in quarantine in hospital he said he started contemplating his own mortality, and is sure he would have died without care.

Speaking to the News Talk show in Ireland, he said: 'I thought [it would be mild] before I got it.

'But once I was experiencing the sickness with it, it brings every sort of existential question with it

"Am I going to live? Have I lived a good life? Did I waste time?" It's a very emotional time.'


Mr Prendergast explained to Sky News that he likely caught the disease while working in London and a journalist, but had no symptoms for the first few days.

Trying to avoid a lockdown in the UK capital, he caught a flight back to Ireland where he arrived on March 16 and went to visit his mother.

But the following day he woke up with a 'horrific shortness of breath and a sky-high temperature', two tell-tale signs of the illness.

The following day his temperature spiked even higher and he began convulsing in bed as his body tried to fight the infection.


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