Thursday, 2 April 2020

"A Top Member Of Buhari's Cabinet Has Died From Coronavirus Infection" - Kemi Olulunyo

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olulunyo has claimed that one of the top members of President Buhari's cabinet has died from Coronavirus complications. Kemi Olunloyo has been sharing several messages regarding coronavirus infections in Aso Rock and claims to have an "insider" who "leaks" reliable information to her. Here is the message according to how she has put it:

A HIGH RANKING member of President Buhari's Cabinet has DIED of #CoronaVirus #Covid9 complications. I will give the feds the honor of announcing it. U cannot hide it like Yar'Adua. I'm not telling because I value NATIONAL SECURITY OF NIGERIA.  
Some unscrupulous elements may be planning their celebration parties. We must hold ourselves together now Nigeria. They will announce soon just like I tweeted CORONAVIRUS before them and the PDP rally, and AMVCA and Chioma not getting EXPOSED and this and that! Start believing MY WORK

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