Saturday, 11 April 2020


Corona Virus was named by the "elite" (that is, the scum) as a joke - after the CORONA generated by high-voltage EMF fields found normally at high-voltage towers. These fields are very dangerous.

Their hilarious (to them) plan:

Their so-called "corona virus" will be given the blame for 5G exposure symptoms and deaths. 5G is even more dangerous than the high-voltage fields we have now, and will be much more widespread.

Well-meaning nurses (Rockefeller dupes): "Oh, are you feeling sick? It's the corona virus! You must be quarantined and given this life-saving vaccine!" (full of documented poisons).

Meanwhile, the 5G will be (and is now) the real culprit behind people getting sick.


Yes, you heard it right: The "elite" (aka, the lowest scum on the planet) plan to round up people with "corona virus symptoms" (5G exposure symptoms) and give them a "vaccine" (mega-doses of documented poisons) to finish off the "Useless Eaters." That's us! Yay!!!

Thanks, Rothschild. Thanks, Rockefeller.

"CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON MYSTERY SOLVED: It’s all in the name!The Millennium ReportFebruary 29, 2020"


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