Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Kylie Jenner DELETES evidence she edited her bikini snap

Kylie Jenner was busted by eagle-eyed fans on Tuesday over a 'Photoshop fail' that appeared as if she had altered an image of herself posing in a bikini.  

The 22-year-old deleted the image 20 minutes after posting, but it seems that Internet sleuths had already captured the receipts. 

 Kylie posted a series of shots with the caption 'Taco Tuesday' at her new Holmby Hills mansion, and while some comments asked where the food was, others took note of the strange alterations that had been made to the image. 

""Kylie is a master at Facetune and photoshop," one fan wrote, while another confused user said: "I'm trying to work out what she was even editing." 

The reality star has been extremely active on social media while under lockdown. Though having moved between properties in the last few weeks, she has also faced criticism.

In fact, several have taken to Twitter to call them out for flouting social distancing rules, accusing them of treating the rules like they don't apply to them.


Governor Newsom of California has encouraged residents to stay home and isolate — which means not meeting up with friends and limiting contact with people outside of one's household.

'Kylie didn’t even try to learn the dance also did they forget about social distancing??? [I guess] it doesn’t apply if ur a billionaire,' wrote one.

'So everyone’s talking about kylie jenner making tik toks but not the fact that she just broke the rules of lockdown and randomly let her friend come into her house? great influence,' said another, referencing the fact that Kylie herself has encouraged fans to stay home.


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